When we speak of building blocks, this section is where it begins. Local grocery stores are where the beautiful bodies of the world, fuel their engines to run and win in the race of life.

Muscles are built with protein. Chicken, fish, eggs, lean beef, turkey, and cottage cheese. Size is fueled by caloric consumption and Energy foods: complex carbohydrates, potatoes, rice, pasta, yam and whole grains. Never neglect the importance of fruits and vegetables like apples, oranges, watermelon, broccoli, asparagus, carrots and corn. This is where the balanced diet for weight training and recovery thrives. Mix and match your foods to your specific desire but remember if you crave a certain junk food, earn it!

Train for the special occasion to reward your hard work with whatever type of food you are craving, then jump back in the saddle and train like it never happened! Eating well and staying hydrated are just as important to your training plan, as doing the right exercises at the right intensity and volume. The objective of a nutrition programme is to develop and maintain a body with appropriate lean muscle that has the reserves of strength, power and endurance, to meet the demands of daily life, training, and competition. At BEneFIT we realise the human body is a complex machine, various elements of nutrition are required in staying healthy, getting fit, and in gaining muscle and losing fat.

Together we will:

Assess your current fitness level

Identify needs and goals

Make a plan

Draft a costomised workout programme to meet those goals

Execute the programme

Ensure that you meet the set goals

Hope that you incorporate the lifestyle changes suggested

Aim - your fitness, for life