Fitness at BEneFIT studio consists of 24 to 48 week blocks, ranging from 3 to 5 sessions per week. Training benefits only multiply as you train long term, knowing that there is no such thing as a ‘quick fix’.

We GUARANTEE RESULTS, but it takes a lot of hard work on your part. If you are ready to push your body and mind to new limits and are looking for a community that will support you on your path to fitness, BEneFIT studio is the right place for you.

We believe in a holistic approach to training. In addition to following a workout plan best suited for you, you will be guided though a nutrition plan that best suits your body and lifestyle, besides being provided physical therapy, as and when required, to improve your performance and get the results that you have set out to acquire.

The common link of our clients is that they all commit to the hard work and discipline required to achieve their personal goals---and to celebrating the success of the other BEneFIT members. Say goodbye to the anonymity of commercial gyms and see what you can achieve when you have the support of the unpretentious, unintimidating BEneFIT Studio Team.


   The membership process at BEneFIT is simple—
  1. Call us.
  2. Meet us at the appointed time of your convenience.
  3. Interview with us, so we can understand your lifestyle and goal.
  4. Go through a physical assessment.
  5. Choose a membership and workout option/options that meet your needs.
  6. Complete our waiver, questionnaire, register and block your membership.


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BEneFIT Silver BEneFIT Bronze

At BEneFIT we feel everyone should be able to afford fitness training. Just as one size does not fit all, neither does one kind of physical training. We are also sensitive to different pocket sizes. For which we offer different workout programmes and payment options that take into account your body capacity, lifestyle and your budget. Please call and visit us so we can choose a plan and programme from our suite, that suit you best. Invest in yourself.