Just like in college, if you’ve got three months to write a term paper…; it takes three months. But if that very same instructor only gives you 6 days, the project will only take 6 days. The same principle carries over to muscle gain or weight loss. If you give yourself a long time, it will take a long time.

Deadline Personal Training at BEneFIT, is handled exclusively by Our chief of Fitness. Who will work with you in setting up tight but achievable deadlines and milestones, and personally assist you through the journey. And if you fully commit to the task, don’t be surprised by what you can achieve.

Deadlines are powerful. Don’t just say you want to gain 5 kilos of muscle or lose 10 kilos of weight. Set up an end date and stick to it. But don’t lose your perspective; if steroids or fat burners are the crutches you’re looking at, then BEneFIT is not the place for you. At BEneFIT, the client comes first, and we would not like to compromise your health or our ethics, for the sake of gaining a client.

Together we will:

Assess your current fitness level

Identify needs and goals

Make a plan

Draft a costomised workout programme to meet those goals

Execute the programme

Ensure that you meet the set goals

Hope that you incorporate the lifestyle changes suggested

Aim - your fitness, for life