Specialised personal / semi-personal exercise and nutrition for mums. We welcome all fitness levels and of course encourage you to bring your babies and infants to our Semi-Personal fitness sessions.

We pride ourselves on catering to all fitness levels, including those Mums with no-fitness level (from 6-12 weeks post natal onwards) with a clearance from their gynaecologist. Each BKinSHAPE Mums exercise session is conducted by a qualified trainer. Our exercise classes include a variety of cardio, resistance/strength exercises, flexibility, core stability and pelvic floor exercises.

Our classes are designed to cater to everyone; we provide options for all levels of fitness and exercise goals. Throughout the session the Trainer will provide options to individuals depending on their level of fitness and pelvic floor control. We have a unique program developed for the BKinSHAPE Mums classes. You will never be told you have to run or jump, every exercise has options suitable for every individual.

What to expect from my first session

Q. What time should I arrive?
We ask that you arrive 5 minutes early, just so that you can meet your trainer prior to the class. This will allow the trainer to discuss any injury or exercise concerns you may have.

Q. How long does each class go for?
Each class runs for a total of 60 minutes.

Q. What should I bring to a class?

  • Yourself
  • Your child/children. We welcome all infants to BKinSHAPE Mums classes. (Parents must understand that children remain the responsibility of their parents at all times throughout the class. The trainer will endeavour to assist when possible, however they are not responsible for any child.)
  • A mat – for your child to sit and play on.
  • A water bottle for you.
  • A towel for you.
  • A pair of gym shoes.
  • Food and drink for your children (as required).
  • A carry cot (if your baby is likely to require a rest or sleep).

Q. What should I wear?
We suggest wearing normal gym attire (shorts/leggings/light track pants and a top). Always wear a supportive bra, if you are breastfeeding it might be worth investing in a supportive, wire free bra to exercise in.

Q. What happens if it is raining?
In cases of extremely bad weather (very heavy rain or thunderstorms) we will cancel the class no later than 1 hour prior to the session, an SMS will be sent to all Mums who have enrolled in the session.