Pankesh Asrani

A 100% vegetarian by choice and never the one to say impossible! Through learning and experience, today he understands and specializes in ‘body transformation’ for the vegetarian. He doesn’t say it’s easy. He says that with the right marriage of workout and nutrition- it’s possible! And has himself to show as an example! Pankesh’s love for the challenge and commitment to health and fitness, enables him to share his expertise with people with varying abilities.

Originally from Mumbai, Pankesh has been actively involved in the Fitness industry since 2000 – just short of 15 years. His 100% 'mobile fitness training’ commenced in Bandra in 2008. Pankesh had been operating his 'mobile fitness training' for 5 years full time until now.

The diverse range of clientele who have benefited from Pankesh’s experience include men, women, children, teenagers, the elderly, overweight, inspired, uninspired, motivated, unmotivated overworked, injured. You name it! He'S done it! Pankesh believes in the benefits of training in a comfortable, relaxed, friendly environment and hence his labour of love : BEneFIT Fitness Studio.


Comprehensive Approach to ensure Results

At BEneFIT studio, it is our mission to promote healthy lifestyle changes in a positive and motivational manner in an unintimidating atmosphere by offering services in personal fitness training, nutritional advice and physical therapy to members from the local community and beyond. As FIT is not a destination, it is a way of life!


To serve the clients with integrity, competence, objectivity and impartiality. Always putting the clients’ needs, interests and requests ahead of our own.